Day 2 | Learning Excel

Explored paste options. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use available templates.Formula =My_OperationFunction =FunName(Fields:Fields) Absolute cell referencing: field expression $cell_name$cell_noshortcut: F4There are 4 types of cell reference. Relative Reference: Type = > target sheet > click on target cell > Enter Navigate through sheetsCTRL+PgUp/PgDn

Basic Commands

Concat all txt files and merge them in unique. [Works in PowerShell ]gc *.txt | sort > pagla.txt gc pagla.txt | get-unique > unique.txt Screenshot taking by aquatonecat final.txt | aquatone -out ~/mcafee/shots – ports large -chrome-path /usr/bin/chromium-browser

Starting with Android App Testing

cmder rocks always.Installing adb: Genymotion: Genymotion Shell: devices listadb devices If there is no device, connect adb connect ip:5555Install python3 by downloading or from Microsoft Store and then verify it via python command.Download and run it via pip3 -V command.Now our machine is ready to install frida.Install Read more…