Day 2 | Learning Excel

Explored paste options. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use available templates.Formula =My_OperationFunction =FunName(Fields:Fields) Absolute cell referencing: field expression $cell_name$cell_noshortcut: F4There are 4 types of cell reference. Relative Reference: Type = > target sheet > click on target cell > Enter Navigate through sheetsCTRL+PgUp/PgDn

SCSS Cheatsheet

Why SCSS? Because it’s 2020 and automation in every sector is boosting. So, you should automate your CSS writings. SCSS saves time, and helps in code management by using the power of partials. Let’s dive into the world of SCSS. VariablesDeclare variables just starting the name with $ sign. $site-color: Read more…

Basic Commands

Concat all txt files and merge them in unique. [Works in PowerShell ]gc *.txt | sort > pagla.txt gc pagla.txt | get-unique > unique.txt Screenshot taking by aquatonecat final.txt | aquatone -out ~/mcafee/shots – ports large -chrome-path /usr/bin/chromium-browser

Starting with Android App Testing

cmder rocks always.Installing adb: Genymotion: Genymotion Shell: devices listadb devices If there is no device, connect adb connect ip:5555Install python3 by downloading or from Microsoft Store and then verify it via python command.Download and run it via pip3 -V command.Now our machine is ready to install frida.Install Read more…