My notes while taking course by Macquarie University in CourseEra.

Show/Hide Ribbon -> Double Click
Add to quick access -> Right Click on Element
Select Entire Data in a Data Block -> Select First Cell + Shift + Select Last Cell
Select Entire Data in a Data Block -> Select any Cell -> Ctrl+A
Move Data – 4 directional arrow sign -> drag
Replace all columns with the same data -> + (right bottom of every cell) and drag.
View Ribbon
Freeze Pane -> Fixed position any row/column from selected cells top/left.
We can also Freeze Top row/ first column of the visible area.
It helps to keep the headlines visible in large sheets.
Split -> Split into 4 sections from the selected cell. We can disable split by double click or from Split option.
Print view -> Page Layout

Rewrite cells -> select cell -> F2

Fill Handle
Copy cells. If the cell contains letter+number like user01 it will auto-increment when copying. The same is for dates and days.
Selecting multiple columns and double click fill handle icon will fill all the relative rows.

We can also fill patterns using the fill tool but for that, we need to select at least two rows of data.

Flash fill, the crazy thing introduced in Office 2003. It can be really helpful when duplicating a field that is related to other fields. So, each new row will be built based on their relative fields. ex: email that contains

If the sheet is too large, we can hide columns or rows from Home > Format. We can also do that by Data > Group > Collapse.
Excel Shortcuts

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