More fixing on day 3. Let’s dive into it.

  1. Image Upload Issue
    Image upload error occurs due to improper file permission. The same reason can cause broken images when viewing images.

  2. Persistence Maintenance Mode Error
    Just delete the .maintenance file from the WordPress installation directory. We can also edit wp-activate.php file and define define ('WP_INSTALLING', false) to get rid of the error.
    We can also create custom looking maintenance file. Refer to

  3. Google marked the site as Malicious Website
    It happens due to malicious codes or poor ads agency’s codes on the website. We can get a full insight via Replace with your domain.
    The next step is to scan the full website for potential malicious codes. And finally submit the site to Google to remove the flag from your website.

  4. Maximum Execution Time Exceeded
    Just increase the execution time in php.ini max_execution_time = 60 and in .htaccess php_value max_execution_time 600


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